Breakthrough Prayer – Carrying Prayer Everywhere

Breakthrough Prayer - Carrying Prayer Everywhere

Unique resources, to deepen and enhance your prayer life, will be offered as a part of each prayer training throughout the week.

A prayer workshop with Rob Griepentrog of OnSite International, Inc.

The schedule for the week of October is as follows:

Saturday, October 15th- 8:00 am Prayer Breakfast at La Crescent United Methodist Church, followed by a brief prayer training on prayer walking and prayer mapping.  A 30-45 minute prayer walk will follow immediately into one or more of the neighborhoods in La Crescent.

Sunday, October 16th- OnSite prayer update and brief encouragement in prayer during the Dakota and LUMC church services.  Will also mention the prayer opportunities upcoming that week.

Following Potluck lunch at LUMC- Training on Prayer Evangelism. How to simply use prayer and a Bible as an opening to share the gospel with a friend or stranger.  Specially tabbed Bibles will be provided during this easy, hands-on training that’s been effectively used to lead many to Jesus Christ across Indiana, and other states in our nation!

Monday, October 17th- 6:30pm  An evening of praying for/with First Responders, other churches, and others within the community.  We may travel to a local fire station to personally pray, on site, with First Responders.

Tuesday, October 18th- 6:30pm  Prayer training on ways to pray Scripture.  Prayer can bring Scripture to life, and Scripture can also bring prayer to life!  During this training, we’ll open the Word of God to see a variety of ways David prayed through the Psalms, and also how New Testament writers prayed.  We’ll also discuss and practice praying Scripture back to God.

Wednesday, October 19th- 6:30pm  The Lord’s Prayer begins with a statement of worship, yet many Christians skip worship-based prayer during personal, and corporate, times of prayer.  We’ll observe the difference between prayers of thanksgiving and worship; discussing the differences between seeking God’s face versus His hand.

Please RSVP to the church at 507-895-2373 or Linda Thrune at 507-643-6320.


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