The Clubhouse ministry consists of two opportunities for growth and learning for ages 4 through grade 4:

Sunday School — meets Sunday mornings during the school year at 8:45 with opening prayer time, announcements and discussion about our monthly offering project. We also introduce a piece of the Bible story that will be shared in our rotation model Sunday School classes.

Clubhouse Kids — meets Wednesday nights during the school year from 6:30-7:30 in the Clubhouse. Join us for more opportunities to grow in faith. Currently, the Clubhouse Kids are doing The Story Bible study, using games, crafts and other activities to engage in the Bible story.

Dec 2015
Star Trip...Our Faith Awakens

This year our youngsters presented to the story of Christ’s birth through a spoof Star Wars. Yoma (who needs his family for everything), Lori Skywatcher (who puts her faith in science) and Only One Kenobi (who believes only in himself) embark on a journey to find the new King, baby Jesus.   On their way they met King Herod and his royal advisor. Eventually, they found baby Jesus with his mother, Mary. There they presented the new King with gifts.  ...

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