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Apr 2016
Lunch Wagon

The Lunch Wagon is one of our outreach ministries to the community.  Tuesdays and Thursdays during the summer months, the Lunch Wagon crew is out and about the community handing out free sack lunches to children, hoping to fill the gap that school lunch programs leave in the summer.  Healthy lunches of meat and cheese sandwiches, fresh fruit and veggies, and milk are included in our sack lunches.  To find out more and to learn how to volunteer or receive free lunches, check out the program’s Facebook page at

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Mar 2016
From Your Healthy Church Initiative (HCI) Team

What is the Healthy Church Initiative? The Healthy Church Initiative (HCI) is a process designed to transform churches. The focus is on providing resources and strategies to church pastors, staff, laity, and congregations so they in turn will be able to reach new people for Christ.   Why is the Minnesota Annual Conference using HCI? The Minnesota Conference has 3 revitalization processes designed to help existing churches find new ways to disciple people, share God’s love, and make a difference in their communities and the world. The HCI process is designed for......

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Dec 2015
Star Trip...Our Faith Awakens

This year our youngsters presented to the story of Christ’s birth through a spoof Star Wars. Yoma (who needs his family for everything), Lori Skywatcher (who puts her faith in science) and Only One Kenobi (who believes only in himself) embark on a journey to find the new King, baby Jesus.   On their way they met King Herod and his royal advisor. Eventually, they found baby Jesus with his mother, Mary. There they presented the new King with gifts.  ...

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