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Mar 2017
Parable--Small Story, Big Idea

I’ve always loved the Parables… these small stories that Jesus told to get across a big idea. They are almost like reading an Encyclopedia Brown book, aren’t they?  Let’s see…. what are the hidden clues in this one?  If Jesus wasn’t really talking about sheep or a mustard seed, then what was he talking about?  During Lent this year, we are going to take a deeper look at a sampling of the parables to uncover their hidden meanings.  Some of them will be familiar to you; some will be less known.  The......

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Oct 2016
Pastor at pulpit with the vision statement on the screen behind him.

Hello Church Family, the HCI team has worked hard over the last several months on a vision statement. Much of the info here comes from submitted information. As you read along, you’ll find that I decided to include a link to today’s sermon from Pastor as he introduced us to our new vision. Vision Statement We are happy to report that at our last Healthy Church Initiative meeting on September 29th, our Vision Team (which has expanded in recent months to include Mindy Kearney and several more church council members) decided enthusiastically......

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Sep 2016
The Church Nursery is Now Open!

Families looking for childcare during the worship services need look no further!  The church Nursery opens this Sunday after months of remodeling and reworking the spaces.  The nursery welcomes children from age 6 weeks through 3 years old to the new space which features a reading corner, dress-up clothes, a train table, arts and crafts station, and more!  The second room of the nursery is the “quiet area” and includes infant toys, rocking chairs and pack-n-plays.  The Nursery is open from 10:00-11:30 am on Sunday mornings. Additional hours will be added on Sunday......

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Dec 2015
Star Trip...Our Faith Awakens

This year our youngsters presented to the story of Christ’s birth through a spoof Star Wars. Yoma (who needs his family for everything), Lori Skywatcher (who puts her faith in science) and Only One Kenobi (who believes only in himself) embark on a journey to find the new King, baby Jesus.   On their way they met King Herod and his royal advisor. Eventually, they found baby Jesus with his mother, Mary. There they presented the new King with gifts.  ...

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