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The church is not a building; the church is the people.


All of us.



We do real things.


All over. In our church. In our community. In our state. In our nation. In our world.


Find God, Know God, Share God.


All kinds of ways. Write here.

Jan 2017
Nothing Makes You Happy

Winter Wednesdays There are so many opportunities for worship in our church. This winter I’m offering the chance to learn through Christian speakers from around the world. On Wednesday nights after the JOLT meal at 6:30pm, we’ll be listening/watching a series on What Makes you Happy. Worship Ways At the same time there is a book study happening on the book entitled Worship Ways. I snuck ahead and read about half of it as of this writing. It’s a good read – really gets one thinking about what different people are looking for......

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Dec 2016
Invited to Website

Church is invited to participate in the writing of the new church website. Uninvited In September a group of women from the La Crescent area started on a new book study called “Uninvited.”  This ecumenical group of women meets every other week to study a Christian book on living the life Jesus expects of us. This study has given me time to think on the topic of being uninvited. How easy it is to feel uninvited! Coincidentally enough a few weeks ago, Pastor also spoke on rejection from a bit of a different......

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Oct 2016
Pastor at pulpit with the vision statement on the screen behind him.

Hello Church Family, the HCI team has worked hard over the last several months on a vision statement. Much of the info here comes from submitted information. As you read along, you’ll find that I decided to include a link to today’s sermon from Pastor as he introduced us to our new vision. Vision Statement We are happy to report that at our last Healthy Church Initiative meeting on September 29th, our Vision Team (which has expanded in recent months to include Mindy Kearney and several more church council members) decided enthusiastically......

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Sep 2016

Uninvited: Sounds like a strange title for a post doesn’t it? Last time I wrote about the wisdom of Linda Dillow in her book Calm my Anxious Heart. In previous studies, we enjoyed reading Unglued and The Best Yes, both written by Lysa. For our next study, we will be reading Uninvited. After 2 studies with Lysa, it does feel like we are on a first name basis. She is incredibly personable and the production quality on the DVD is outstanding. Through her writings and DVDs, Lysa does a wonderful job of reminding us to use......

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Aug 2016
A woman who is missing her legs uses her arms to propel a tricycle.

In Matthew 25:40, Jesus said, “Whatever you did for the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me..” In this case, the least of our brothers are those who cannot walk – those in other countries who use their hands to move through dirt streets. Volunteers from the church are being the hands and feet of Jesus through Personal Energy Transportation (PET) International. (PET International can be found on social media on Facebook or on Twitter at @GiftofMobility.) La Crescent UMC participates with PET, MN-Twin Cities to produce the wood portion of the PET pictured here and......

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Aug 2016
Calm my Anxious Heart

Let’s start at the very beginning….I’m writing here as a regular member of the La Crescent UMC. My wonderful husband and I live in the La Crescent community and have been granted the opportunity to be responsible for helping to raise 2 Christian children – yikes, that is a big job! I’m writing here as a member of the La Crescent UMC and an ecumenical women’s Bible study. We meet every couple of weeks in homes around La Crescent. We are women of Jesus who use our studies to learn and grow in......

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