What comes once a year, smells and tastes delicious, requires over 40 volunteers of all ages to put on, and generates a lot of “buzz” in the community and our church?  It must be the Annual Applefest Chicken Que!


Each year, for many years, LUMC has been hosting a chicken que at the fest grounds of Applefest.  Back in the 90’s, the men of our church cooked chickens over grills, with a “special” basting sauce and people like Sheri and Mike Wert helped coordinate pie baking and selling, home made BBQ sandwiches, coffee, milk and great memories.  Times and rules have changed what and how we serve,  but there are still our “regulars” as well as new people who enjoy the ability to eat a nice sit-down meal at the fest grounds. . .or take a few dinners home and enjoy with visiting family and friends.


Of course, we do this as a fundraiser for the church. . .and the money goes into our general fund.  Since we have Premier catering do our chicken for us now we make a little less money, but the work is also a lot less and doesn’t require nearly as much planning and preparing.  It does require servers and other volunteers and we had a great turnout this year.  We had servants from age 9 to. . .well, let’s say over 80. . . helping us this year.

Several people from church assemble a meal for a waiting patrom

Many hands make light work for meal assembly.

This leads to the main reason we do this:  the camaraderie and chance to work shoulder to shoulder with people you wouldn’t normally spend time with.  Through the years the funny anecdotes, problem solving, and fellowship has been wonderful and has helped build our church foundation.  Spending time on the fest grounds also gives us a chance to visit with and connect with kids, teens, and adults in our community as they visit to enjoy the fest grounds and activities.  We meet old friends and families, former church members, hear stories, provide hospitality and sometimes hear great music.

Thank YOU!

It took over 40 people to put this event on, thanks to each of you for helping! Special thanks to Doug Nelson for his “unsung” help. . .and to Ben Lehman for putting together a fascinating button display to enjoy.

***Submitted Story from Cheri O.***


I'm writing and posting here as a volunteer of the church. My husband and children and I have been Methodists for over 100 years. We live, work, volunteer and raise our children in the La Crescent community. The people at La Crescent UMC do amazing things with their gifts and their talents. I'm very honored to be able to share them with the world. Thank you for reading along. Wonder what we'll get to read next!

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