Clothes Closet

3 ladies are around a large table filled with nice clothes for children.

The Clothes Closet started in about 2001 when someone noticed a need amongst school-aged children needed clothes. The clothes closet started after finding a room at the church to host the closet.


The Closet is often in need of new or slightly used clothes for school-aged children. Clothing donations can be clean, folded and current children styles.  Cash donations are used to buy new socks and underwear and a new outfit for each student. The time of highest need is in August.


The Clothes Closet is open on request and on Back to School Night, as the biggest night of the year for the Clothes Closet. At Back to School Night families get new school supplies and a new outfit. Families also have a chance to stock up on new socks and underwear for students.

If you know someone who needs help or would like to donate, contact the church office 507.895.2373 or contact Carole Plenge.


I'm writing and posting here as a volunteer of the church. My husband and children and I have been Methodists for over 100 years. We live, work, volunteer and raise our children in the La Crescent community. The people at La Crescent UMC do amazing things with their gifts and their talents. I'm very honored to be able to share them with the world. Thank you for reading along. Wonder what we'll get to read next!

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