Costa Rica Mission Trip

Costa Rica Mission Trip


Camp Penuel (Penuel means “face of God”),Costa Rica, has a specific focus to give campers the opportunity to know their heavenly Father through Christ Jesus and the abundant life that He offers through the power and love of the Holy Spirit. The Vision is to rally a multi-ethnic team of support to work towards providing facilities of excellence and diversity so that each camper can have a wealth of new, safe, and fun experiences that they will remember for their lifetime, but more importantly, that are God-anointed and forever will change their lives for good.

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To prepare for leading Camp Penuel camps our team participated in 8 hour training; we were taught games that are designed for team building, and non-competitive. We also learned new craft ideas, along with drama. It was a day filled with learning. Once at camp we were thankful for all the information we were given at our training session.

The La Crescent Costa Rica Mission team lead three camps: the first camp was held for adults with special needs, campers stayed for three days. Our team was truly blessed by these adults with their love and compassion for others but, they were a premier example of what it is to love as God has called each of us to love. The last night is a time of sharing where God has been in your life; their stories were heart-warming; no one walked away from that camp fire without knowing that the presence of the Lord was there.

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Our second camp was for local school children, we had 21 children from 3 different schools, ranging from kindergarten to sixth grade. These children were eager to plant Maringa trees and peanuts, to learn new games that would teach them English words, see some real enactment of Bible parables by the LaCrescent Mission team, and the opportunity to bake chocolate chip cookies. Each child received a pair of sandals; some took sandals home for other family members.

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Our last campers were with us for three days, the camp was an English emersion camp. Becoming fluent in English is a process that takes different amounts of time for different people, so the goal of the English Camp is not that the children come away speaking like a native speaker, but rather that they are motivated to learn more because they see that they can communicate in another language through the relationships that they establish while at camp. The learning process takes place through outdoor activities such as hiking, gardening, visiting farm animals, playing games, etc. and indoor activities, especially when it rains, such as math and counting games, cooking, artistic expression, geography, singing, etc. The beauty of this camp is that the children are learning without even know it as they have fun at the camp, but with the requirement that they need to express themselves only in English.

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Our Costa Rica mission team: Mikey B, Natalie C, Lavon & Jeff C, Melissa E., Abby N., Alexa & Claudia O, Korto T, Kaetlin V, and Debbie D.

Penuel is God’s idea…His camp…and He guarantees it forever.


Article written by Debbie.


I'm Alexa Oberembt. I am one of the youth leaders at LUMC. I am currently in my final year of college at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse. I will have a double major in math and French education and really look forward to having a classroom of my own soon. In addition to working at the church, I work at the pearl ice cream shop in downtown La Crosse and love having visitors! I enjoy the outdoors and particularly love hiking, kayaking, and swimming in the summertime. In the winter you can find me reading a good book or skiing, sledding, and making snowmen outside. I am originally from a southern suburb of the Twin Cities, but I love the La Crosse and La Crescent area.

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