Personal Energy Transportation

The PET is a 3-wheeled, hand-cranked, sturdily built wheelchair with hauling capacity. It will go where no ordinary wheelchair will not go. The cart is designed for the Third World where the roads and trails are bad and rough. Reliable estimates put the number of people who are unable to walk because of leg deformities, injuries, or amputations at 20 million, and more than 1/3 of who live in developing countries. The need is overwhelming, but each PET made and delivered gives new life to the recipient.

Can you imagine what it mean to a man or woman if, after 30 years of crawling in the dirt, someone walks up to you , lifts you up from the dirt, brushes off your clothes, and sets you on a brand new colorful PET, and then . . . you hear the words of Jesus: “I say, get up and walk!”. As you tentatively begin to turn the hand-crank, you feel yourself moving forward under your own power. You feel forward motion while sitting on a eat, when for much, if not all, of your life the only thing you felt associated with forward motion was rocks cutting your hands, your elbows, and your stomach a you pulled yourself forward, inch by inch! Then you look for the first time at the people around you, eye to eye, sharing the dignity of being human like them, instead of training to look up at them from the ground!

If you would like to donate to this mission, please write checks out to La Crescent United Methodist Church with PET in the memo line.