What is a typical worship service like?

Our Sunday church service is a relaxed, yet inspirational weekly gathering. Come in to the service with your cares and leave refreshed and feeling ready to walk with God during the challenges of your upcoming week. Worship typically starts with some opening, shared praise and worship songs. A choir anthem or special music, a bible verse, and children’s time lead up to the pastor’s message. The service ends with a time of joys and concerns where the congregation is supported with prayer and love during celebrations and trials. The service generally lasts about 65 minutes and usually ends around 11:15.

What kind of music is in the worship?

The music in the church is generally a mixture of favorite hymns and more contemporary praise and worship songs.

When is communion?

Communion is held each Sunday service. Music is generally playing softly during this time. Communion in the United Methodist Church is open to anyone who seeks to respond to Christ’s love and to lead a new life of peace and love. You do not need to be a member of our church or of our denomination in order to take communion.

Who is involved in the worship service?

It takes many different gifts to make the Sunday service flow smoothly and be meaningful each week. There are many volunteer opportunities in the worship realm: technology, music, reading, ushering, being an acolyte, greeting. If you are interested in any aspect of the church worship experience, please send comments or questions to pastor, Aaron Justice at church 507-895-2866.