HCI Coach Report

Healthy Church Initiative: Coaching Update 2016 – 2017

Reporting Month: November



Coach Name: Bill Lewis


Church Name: La Cresent UMC, La Cresent Minnesota


Pastor’s Name: Greg Nelson


Date/Length of Coaching Sessions or Calls: Various emails of communication. November 7 conference call with Pastor Greg Nelson and HCI Leader Jeff Court to plan the November 14 meeting. Face to face with the team at November 14 meeting.


Progress report on Strategic Recommendations:

List each of the strategic recommendations. State the specific actions completed for each recommendation in the previous month, and how you feel they are doing on the overall progress.


1. Compelling Vision:  The vision statement has been created and is in process of rooting further through a variety of messages, modes and vehicles to transmit.


La Crescent United Methodist Church; The hands and feet of Jesus, bringing people to a transforming relationship with Christ.


2. Relational Outreach Supporting the Vision:   The November 14 meeting was dedicated to a Ministry Audit.  As previously stated, the HCI team discussed the importance of doing this together, in a work-session, to embrace the current situation…together.  This allows for everyone to have a voice, and also builds a common understanding of the works of LUMC.  We used the grid provided within HCI frameworks, and also the templates to record the thinking and inputs.  We were able to complete 10 audits…or as we referred to them…current situation inventories (CSI).


The group had planned to not meet in December, but, given the other ministry areas to review…and what I sense as some real energy to proceed…the group will meet again in December to continue the CSI.





3. Artful and Planful Worship:  As stated previously, this is not taking a back seat by any means, but, this prescription will be looked at more specifically in the weeks/months ahead. Again, with alignment to the vision.


4. Leadership Development and Deployment:  We continue to use the formal meetings as ways to model leadership. I will admit that I have found a terrific “developing capability” of the team to have respectful contrary discussions.  Less emotion and more respectful fact-based-curiosity.  Efforts to seek to understand.  Jeff and Pastor Greg are terrific models of this.


As reported earlier, the team decided to dedicate an entire Saturday morning in January to a “Leadership Development and Team Building Experience”. We will use two popular foundational features:

1.  Living Your Strengths:   This is the faith based version of Gallup’s StrengthsFinder product.  It is faith based and will help us identify “who we are” and “what are our strengths”.  It can be used as a foundation for identifying how to bring our very best in service.

2. The Advantage: Patrick Lencioni’s latest work around the importance of Organizational Health.  The four key features of the model fold nicely into the opportunities for the church from a leadership development point-of-view:

–  Building a Cohesive Leadership Team

–  Creating Clarity

–  Over-communicating Clarity

–  Reinforcing Clarity


It was decided to set up the half day workshop in January for the leaders of the church as both leadership development and team building. We will open it up to others beyond HCI and Council.  We are also inviting high school students to attend.  This is going to be a big deal!


5. Administration as Ministry:  Jeff Court presented the Hotchkiss Governance Model to the Church Council at their November 16th meeting.  The minutes of the meeting that I reviewed showed a continued pursuit of the possibilities to utilize.  An intentional effort has been made to use this Rx as a means to bring the Council closer to the workings of the HCI team.  They should not run down parallel paths “never to meet”.  This is a great way to fold in church leadership.  It is also helpful to have 5-6 members of the Council on the HCI team.







General Comments:

With the announcement brought by Pastor Greg (and wife Debbie) on November 6 to retire in the spring, and the subsequent visit and message brought by DS Williams the following week…we knew we needed to be mindful of feelings and thoughts around this. Pastor Greg led a discussion of what it meant to HCI and Jeff and I augmented.  I especially feel that it is a strong position to have the HCI analysis, planning, effort and work underway.  To be poised.  I thank both Greg and Jeff for their leadership.  I think we are well positioned to handle this “news” and proceed.  Frankly, I think a “pending pastor” should jump at the opportunity to lead LUMC into its future…the next season God has in store.


Thank you for the chance to serve!


Bill Lewis



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