Nothing Makes You Happy

Nothing Makes You Happy

Winter Wednesdays

There are so many opportunities for worship in our church. This winter I’m offering the chance to learn through Christian speakers from around the world. On Wednesday nights after the JOLT meal at 6:30pm, we’ll be listening/watching a series on What Makes you Happy.

Worship Ways

At the same time there is a book study happening on the book entitled Worship Ways. I snuck ahead and read about half of it as of this writing. It’s a good read – really gets one thinking about what different people are looking for in worship. If you’d like, go join that group and learn more about the ways that people are wanting to worship – as described by Thomas Bandy and Lucinda Holmes.

At this point in my life, I fit into the coaching worship – looking for ways to be like Jesus and see him around in my everyday life. How do I work with my students to show them who a Jesus follower is in a public school system? What do we need to do to best raise our children? Through conversations and previous JOLT classes, others are looking for Christian coaching as well. I’m not a coach. I’m a listener and a reader of Christian coaches. I can push the play button.

Andy Stanley

The speaker is Andy Stanley – son of Charles Stanley. He has a show entitled Your Move. The show Your Move airs on TV in some areas. I don’t think we get it here, but then I can’t stay up late enough to find out! Because all of his resources are available for free through their website, I don’t have to feel bad because I can’t stay up! Through my ecumenical women’s group, someone suggested Andy Stanley as a good podcast to listen to. My favorite time to listen to a podcast is on Sunday afternoon while making the meals for the week. The boys are down watching football.

What Makes You Happy?

When I  first started on this listen, I thought I’d find the things to do to find peace and happiness. Nope. The answer is nothing. Nothing will ever make you happy! So what do we do? Let’s listen and find out.

One can subscribe and listen to a podcast on all alone in the kitchen or in the car. However, the small group study is important. Ours will be a temporary group – We’ll meet for a few weeks on Wednesday nights and listen, read a bit and talk about his study. Andy might even consider this a Your Move Gathering. That sounds much too formal…Let’s just spend a little time listening and talking together and see where it ends up.


I'm writing and posting here as a volunteer of the church. My husband and children and I have been Methodists for over 100 years. We live, work, volunteer and raise our children in the La Crescent community. The people at La Crescent UMC do amazing things with their gifts and their talents. I'm very honored to be able to share them with the world. Thank you for reading along. Wonder what we'll get to read next!

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