It’s Operation Christmas Child Time!

It's Operation Christmas Child Time!

Many of you are aware of my love for the shoe box gift project that I do with the children here each year. It’s called Operation Christmas Child, and simply put, it is a Christmas gift in a shoe box.   Why do I love OCC so much?  While I am fully aware that Christmas is not about the gifts, I can’t imagine as a child not receiving a gift on Christmas.  It is so important to me that the children who receive our gifts know someone loves them and thinks about them, even in the midst of our own issues and problems. But the lessons that I and our own children receive in putting together the shoe box gifts are just as important.   I talk with the kids a lot about a picture I posted on Facebook of a child using a couple of squished plastic water bottles tied onto his feet with rope as shoes.  How simple would it be to include a pair of flip-flops in a shoe box?  Can you imagine the look on the face of  the child who receives that gift?? While my own kids have a mile-long list of toys and luxury items that they would like to receive for Christmas, the kids who receive the shoe boxes are delighted with toothbrushes and toothpaste, socks, crayons and paper, stuffed animals and simple toys like cars and dolls, because they don’t otherwise have these things.  OCC reminds us of the simple reality that many children live in where they are pleased with less because they have received so much more in the gift provided by God Himself.

Please consider packing a shoe box for a boy or girl.  Details can be found here:

The last day to bring your shoe boxes to church so they can begin the journey to the hands of a young child is Sunday, November 20.



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