What do we believe about Prayer?

“The Scripture makes it absolutely clear that at the heart of Jesus’ life and ministry was his relationship to God in prayer. To be effective in the Christian life, we must have a vital prayer life,” says Tom Albin, team leader for Upper Room Program Ministries and dean of The Upper Room Chapel.

“Unfortunately, in this postmodern, post-Christian culture — United Methodists still live with the ‘modernist’ mistake that puts prayer in opposition to ‘doing something.'”

United Methodists believe prayer is doing something and that without prayer; all of our efforts produce little fruit, if any. This line of thinking says, “Are you going to sit around and pray; or, are you going to get on your feet and do something?”

Albin calls this “the modernist mistake because we can find no such language in the Bible or in the life of Jesus.”

According to Albin, John Wesley understood this truth well and taught his followers, “God does nothing apart from prayer.”(UMC Discipleship)

At La Crescent United Methodist Church we enjoy a responsive and active prayer life.  Our joys and concerns time during the Sunday service is an intimate and special time of sharing in the life of our congregation.  Pastoral prayer for our neighbors happy and sad times is a special part of our worship.

The “520” initiative

As part of the Healthy Church Initiative Process, a new “520” prayer campaign is starting to help us know God’s purpose for our church.  Each day, at 520 am and/or pm, church members are asked to pause and say the following prayer: Lord God, we desire to know Your preferred future for La Crescent United Methodist Church.  We lift up our church and ask that You make us the instruments of Your design.  Break through our human limitations.  Show us Your way.