Uninvited: Sounds like a strange title for a post doesn’t it? Last time I wrote about the wisdom of Linda Dillow in her book Calm my Anxious Heart. In previous studies, we enjoyed reading Unglued and The Best Yes, both written by Lysa. For our next study, we will be reading Uninvited. After 2 studies with Lysa, it does feel like we are on a first name basis. She is incredibly personable and the production quality on the DVD is outstanding. Through her writings and DVDs, Lysa does a wonderful job of reminding us to use scripture in the heat of everyday life.


Lysa Terkeurst has written a new book on how Christians handle being uninvited.  I’d love to give a summary about what it is like, but mine just arrived in the mail today! I’ve not had time to read any of it yet. It does look like a goodie!

The full title of the book is Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely. Whoa! Go back and read that title again slowly. Unless one has lived an entire life all alone, we have all had something happen that might makes us feel any of these things. Many of these are things that are out of our control. Lysa will share her stories of rejection – both real and perceived.  HER stories.  Of HER rejection.   Which of us would be willing to put those out there for the world to see and feel and talk about? That is risky!

A brief look at Colossians 3:12 reminds us, “Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” And yet we get caught up in the moment and passion of the stress of everyday life.   All.    The.    Time.    How do we put that into practice in the heat of the moment? I’m hoping that Lysa will share her wisdom with us.


The Proverbs 31 site is hosting an online study that anyone can do right from the comfort of home. Sometimes due to whatever circumstances we cannot get to a group study. What a great idea – Have a study that everyone can truly be invited to participate in! Lysa uses Psalm 91 to invite everyone to participate in the study with a group of wise women from the Proverbs 31 ministry. The online study will begin on Sept 6. Participants can register on the Proverbs 31 site.

The Book

There are several options for getting the book. Last I checked, this book wasn’t at our local Barnes and Noble, so I ordered online from Proverbs 31. They also have the DVD for a small group of 4-6 people. Ordering online can take a bit to travel to my house. Impatient and want to start now? Amazon also has a digital download available; it can be on the reader in a few, short minutes!

Some of us are not readers, have time in long commutes or don’t have time to sit and read. There is also an audio book version available from Audible – And if you listen in the 30 day trial, it is free! The test audio sounded like a good listen.


I'm writing and posting here as a volunteer of the church. My husband and children and I have been Methodists for over 100 years. We live, work, volunteer and raise our children in the La Crescent community. The people at La Crescent UMC do amazing things with their gifts and their talents. I'm very honored to be able to share them with the world. Thank you for reading along. Wonder what we'll get to read next!

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