Website Celebrates 1 Month

Website Celebrates 1 Month

The fledgling tech committee has been busy in the past year, and we have a new website, a more active Facebook presence, new technology in the sanctuary, and automatic live-streaming and updates to the youtube page.

It’s a Website!

On August 16, the La Crescent United Methodist Church “gave birth” to a new website. It took about 9 months for a group of dedicated but not-technologically gifted volunteers to work with Sleeping Giant Studios to update and re-do our website. We give many thanks to Peter Bell for his hard work in getting us the original website and allowing us to have a web presence. It has been the goal of many in the church as well as the HCI team to update our website and make it more visitor and member friendly. We have a great start, and we hope you will visit often to get answers to what is happening in our congregation.

The website address is still the same. There is a wonderful events calendar that describes and lists upcoming events. There is a great and active discipleship page and pictures of mission trips, Bible studies, church activities, etc. Recent sermons can be found online on this website. Sermons can be streamed live during the service or later through the youtube page.

It Takes a Village

This church website is the work of many volunteers to keep it fresh and new. Thank you to Peter B for starting the initial website and his incredible technology assistance always. To Cal K. and Mindy K for their time and assistance. To the church staff for being willing to learn and add content to the website. To Pete for retechtifying the tech booth technology to streamline tech volunteering. And finally to Cheri for delivering this new infant and helping to raise this child. The guys at SGS were right: Finding good content for this baby is hard! Today’s content comes mostly from the most recent newsletter!

Mentors Needed for Website, Too!

A website is only as good as those who keep it fresh and lively and maintain it. Your small technology group will be meeting to make sure we have a process in place to update the website. We hope you will use it and give us feedback. We would like, for example, to be able to register your kids for nursery Sunday school, mission trips, etc. online. We aren’t quite there yet. But we are live, and it is fun to explore!  There will be a tech leadership planning meeting on Wednesday, Sept 28 at 7:30 to work on how we move forward.

We are also going to put together training sessions for the coming year so more of us can participate in the life of the congregation by helping with technology.  We need you if this is an interest of yours!  Would you be willing to be trained to “do tech” on Sunday mornings?  How about get trained to help edit our website if people send your written content?  Or maybe you have an idea for a future tech enhancement?  Please contact Cheri Olson if you are willing to serve the Lord and LUMC through technology. We won’t have regular committee meetings and will do most of our work on-line at your convenience, so if you aren’t a committee person, this volunteering is for you!

Thank you for helping to raise our new baby.

**Much of this text is from the September Appleseed Newsletter stories.**


I'm writing and posting here as a volunteer of the church. My husband and children and I have been Methodists for over 100 years. We live, work, volunteer and raise our children in the La Crescent community. The people at La Crescent UMC do amazing things with their gifts and their talents. I'm very honored to be able to share them with the world. Thank you for reading along. Wonder what we'll get to read next!

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